Burnout in creativity

Hello friends, this is a special episode. This particular conversation is a collaboration with our friend Federico Biancullo who was on our episode number 0010. Since then he has started his own podcast called “There is something about Archviz”.

Federico has recently opened up about his struggles with Burnout. He held a speech at the d2 conference about this issue and when he asked us to collaborate on making a podcast about this sensitive topic, we couldn’t do anything else but say yes!

In our opinion, he is really brave in exposing this fragility of him to the public in order to help others. Therefore, we suggest you listen to this final episode before shutting off work during the holidays and have a good time in the good company of your dear ones.

More about Federico and what he does here: bigpicturevisual.com
Instagram: @somethingaboutarchviz
LinkedIn: Federico Biancullo