Out of Architecture

In this episode, we had the pleasure to have another two Harvard graduates, Jake Rubin and Erin Pellegrino. They are educated as architects, but soon in their careers, they have noticed a really dark side of the profession. Architects often end up doing non-creative work, they have lots of extra hours at work and they are often under-payed for the skills they have. 

The two of them have figured out a way out of architecture. Jake currently is working in Oregon at Adidas in the Digital Technologies division, while Errin has opened her own creative studio called “Matter” in the New York Area.

Since 2018 the two friends have co-founded Out of Architecture, a consultancy company that helps architects and creatives, in general, switch their careers and find what will be the perfect fit for them. 

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Linkedin: Jake Rudin and Erin Pellegrino