Do you have a digital filing system?

Most creatives are characterized by complete digital chaos in their digital archive. If you are one of those is crucial for you to put in place an organized filing system that is integrated within your kit of SOPs. Here are 6 reasons why you should create such a system right now!

1. Accessibility by creating a filing system you will be able to access your work of any project at any time without any kind of search.

2. Usability of your work by being able of accessing your work you will be automatically capable of using it whether for portfolios, marketing material, websites, social media, etc…

3. Time-saving by having a system of organizing your work files and documents you won’t need to start every time from scratch by thinking how should you organize the project information.

4. Teamwork. Having a system is crucial when working in a team. With a system of file organization, every team member will exactly know how to navigate within the project folder.

5. Up-gradable. When you have a system in place you will be able to easily upgrade it if your projects get more complicated or your organization grows.

6. Adaptable. Once you have created a system you will be able to quickly adapt it for different purposes than your regular project. For example for your organization, the company administration, or side activities.

In case you don’t have such a system for yourself or your company yet, we have created a brief free guide about how to start putting in place your filing system!