On perspectives

There’s nothing quite like a vacation to push that reset button. And if you’re wondering why we’re a bit late with this newsletter, it was in the name of perspective and a long-overdo family visit.

In the past year, it’s been increasingly difficult to get out of our head space and even our own four walls. The importance of finding inspiration outside of one’s own bubble and gaining new perspectives is so crucial to creativity.

Perspective is tricky. It needs you to step outside first, before looking in. Sometimes you need to completely forget everything you believe to know before you can put your own view point into a different context. The fabulous thing about perspective though: It’s always good for a surprise 😉

For all creatives who have not yet had the opportunity to travel (and visit family far away), we hope our guests in May helped widen your horizons – and get a different perspective.

Stay hungry!
Désirée Bambynek