Are you still on track or on auto-pilot?

September is upon us and with it the dreary feeling that the year is almost over.

What?! Wait a minute… when did that happen? We had so many plans? Where did the time go?

For many of us, the grind of work, career-building and holiday-taking (need those) may leave us a bit anxious for the year’s end.

But instead of giving up on 2022 so soon, I’m here to tell you September is full of fresh opportunity. So to keep up your spirits and battle 2022’s ticking clock, here are five things that could still make this year your best one yet.

🏃‍♀️ Form a new habit.
Go to the gym, make running a habit, read more, stop Netflix-binging, learn a new skill. I bet you had something similar on your “Goals for 2022”-list in January, right? It takes between 8-12 weeks to form a new habit that will stick. That’s roughly 2-3 months. What are you waiting for? The year’s not over yet. And if you start now, chances are it’ll have become a habit by the time winter, and with it the overall laziness of the cold months, kicks in.

📗 Make yourself smarter.
September is not only back to school or back to work, it’s also the last chance to enroll in university or educational programs starting in October. Most institutions begin going through their wait list or offer last-chance offers. If you wanted to learn something new or deepen your knowledge in an area that requires official training, now’s the time to revisit those websites and programs you bookmarked back in March 😉.

🎯 Revisit your career goals.
How do you feel about your professional life? Does it excite or bore you? Are you looking forward to your next career move? Or are you on auto-pilot? Wherever your answers fall on the positive-to-negative spectrum, checking in with yourself on where you are professionally and where you want to be going is crucial to designing a career that is both satisfying and fulfilling.

Use this free framework to help you gain some clarity:

🌱 Plant dill or chamomille and watch it grow.
Get away from the computer and head to your nearest gardening store. This is the perfect time to plant dill, hyacinths or, if you’re blessed with a garden, garlic which you can harvest next spring.

🥋Hold yourself accountable.
The hardest part of making goals is reaching them. One great way to do that is through journaling. Georgi’s secret is bullet journaling. He still does it to keep track of progress, achievements and identify new goals. His review of the method provides a great introduction.

Go get’em, tiger!