The collaborative advantage

We’ve been taught that competition is a part of getting ahead since we were kids. There was only one winner or winning team and many losers. We took this understanding as we embarked on our professional journeys. In business, it’s there as having a competitive advantage. Again, it’s about getting ahead and winning. Just because it’s the predominant idea, does it make it the only one?

As we move from sharing to collaborating in terms of internet and Web3, are we also ready to embrace the collaborative advantage and rethink the mindset of “the winner takes all”?

We certainly think so! Especially as creatives interacting, inspiring, contributing and collaborating are essential to elevate ideas and creative works. Companies are also recognizing this: Is it surprising that fashion collaborations are becoming so widespread? Their success is exponential because two design worlds come together to form a unique product / work / experience.

To independent creatives this may not be so new because contributing to projects by being “the breath of fresh creative air” is part of their business. Employed professionals and companies can also benefit from the advantages, which are manifold:

  • New perspectives on a problem
  • Projects are enhanced by new skills
  • People learn new things from one another and get in touch with people they may otherwise not have met
  • Time limited think tanks are possible without needing to commit to an organization
  • Access to different markets, segments or networks (from a business perspective)

And there are undoubtedly many more.

So in the spirit of collaboration, and in tune with our own mission to help creatives become accomplished professionals, we launched Discord this week.

What you’ll find there:

🌱 Topic rooms i.e. sustainability in architecture or NFTs
🤝 Networking and connecting to other creatives
💡 Open sharing of inspiration and projects
🐙 Search for collaboration partners
🪁 Creative hacks

We invite you to join the TCI creative tribe and get out of your usual bubble. And we look forward to meeting you personally!

In anticipation of inspiring new connections

Photo by Yash Bindra on Unsplash