Celebrating 100 episodes with a live podcast

Two years TCI Podcast

When we started the podcasting journey, all we had was an idea and the desire to produce an appealing, informative and fun format for creatives. Something we would listen to ourselves.

Then we had our first guests, friends and colleagues who shared their journeys. We began reaching out to others we did not know yet personally but wanted to hear all about.

It’s hard to describe the feeling when someone you find totally awesome agrees to spend an hour speaking with you.

And it’s even harder to describe how it feels to slowly build a community of like-minded creatives around your podcast (looking at you, kid).

Now, here we are, and we would not have made it without you, dear listener, reader and supporter. Thank you, you were part of the motivation to keep going, week after week, no matter how stressful the day job got, or how many late nights and early mornings we had. (Yes, there were quite a few, still are. But we love it too much!)

Thank you for being on this creative journey with us. Thank you for listening.

Désirée and Georgi

Part 1 | with Eric de Broche des Combes, Founder of Luxigon

Part 2 | Behind the scenes of Archi-Tech Network with Olly Thomas

Part 3 | Built and unbuilt architecture with Irgen Salianji, Architects for Urbanity

Part 4 | Talking collaboration and business with Tudor Vasiliu, Founder of The Panoptikon

Part 5 | 3D sculptures and constant learning with Arturo Tedeschi