The opportunities of Web 3.0 and NFT

In recent years, Monty has amassed over 3 million followers on social media. He has written 3 books (all bestsellers), interviewed incredible people (from Matthew McConaughey to Moby, Jeff Bezos to Tony Robbins and practically all the great Italian celebrities). 

He has launched various startups (including 4 books) and raised millions in crowdfunding. Now he is moving his activities over to the crypto world with the launch of his first collection of NFTs.  

Monty Lab’s concept

The artistic style of well-known Italian artist Giovanni Motta meets Monty’s professional table tennis past, a meeting of minds that has given rise to the “Crazy Fury”. 

Each Crazy Fury is a table tennis bat with a human face and feelings, representing the values of Monty and his Community: resourcefulness, sacrifice, long-term vision, patience and taking responsibility.

If you buy a “Crazy Fury” NFT you will be getting exclusive access to Monty himself. Check all the perks on the following link:

Get it here: MontyLab on Opensea