Powered up for new things ahead

Hello fellow creative!

We are well into 2022 and, I don’t know about you, but we think it has real potential. After a slow start in January dedicated to planning and envisioning what all is possible, we are energized and experimenting on new things here at TCI.

Here just a few things we are working on:

🪲 Digging into NFTs. We’ve been speaking to a few creative brains in the past weeks on what this whole blockchain revolution could mean for architecture. We plan on bringing those conversations directly to you, dear listener.

🦄 Thinking about community. We’re fascinated by our industry and we with each conversation we realize just how many amazing people and stories there are out there. We are currently working on what community looks and feels like to us. Stay tuned!

🚀 Going BIG. We have a few exciting guests coming up and are still working on bringing Bjarke Ingels to the podcast. 🤞 Help us make the podcast BIG-ger by sharing with others so he won’t want to miss it!

And those are just some of the upcoming highlights of this year. As we grow our vision and become aware of the kind of contribution we want to offer to the industry, we hope that our journey also inspires you to work toward your goals and bring your ideas to life.

This is the time for new ideas, let’s be creative together.

Stay curious!
Désirée Bambynek

Photo: Sharon McCutcheon