Finding words

The past week has left us shocked, enraged, sad and disbelieving. The war that is underway in Ukraine, a war of ideology and old world territorialism, of history and future, has become a war of economics as much as of politics.

I thought long about what to write this month, which is also why this letter is delayed. One half of me is struggling to keep business as usual. The other half wants to shout at everyone on Linkedin and Instagram to stop stereotyping, attention-seeking, or being opportunistic.

I am observing so many different kinds of reactions. Everyone has an opinion — from individuals to corporations. Netflix, Google and co. have suspended their services to Russia. The Parolympics are underway without Russia and Belarus. Employees of German headquartered companies are increasingly urging their employers to close down factories that are located in Russia.

And then there’s the flip side: Scammers impersonating Ukrainian artists and trying to over-sell NFTs.

I am trying to keep in mind that this heart-shattering conflict is not the only one in the world. But it feels more urgent because it is especially close to home for us, here in Germany.

However each of us decides to deal with the ongoing situation in Europe and elsewhere in the world, I believe we need to remember to stay compassionate with ourselves and one another.

With heart,
Désirée Bambynek
Editor in Chief

Photo by Ole Witt on Unsplash