Overcoming the comfort trap

As the summer lulls us into newly established creative routines – from producing an artwork a day to hustling new side projects –, it seems fitting to talk about the pitfalls of becoming too comfortable. Every creative has probably been there at least once on his journey to professionalism. The comfort of the familiar, feelings of achievement in the little things, auto-pilot mode when creating are all part of the creative process.

It’s nice to “get into a groove” – and it’s also important to practice the skill. The creative’s life is like a pendulum, moving back and forth between learning something new, struggling through it and becoming skilled and practiced.

Let’s not forget that too much comfort blocks new avenues, new paths we could explore. This past month, our creative guests showed us more than once that stepping off the path can yield exciting new opportunities.

Moving into the second half of this year, I invite you to question where you are still practicing the skill, and where comfort is dragging your creative feet.

Stay curious!
Désirée Bambynek