Succeeding despite the odds

October is traditionally focused on back to school, back to work and shifting up a gear as the end of the year approaches.

October is also when we prepare for the year ahead: What are our plans in 2022? Where do we want to invest in personally and professionally? Where do we need to correct our course?

As becomes clear from our past month’s conversations, growth and evolution need to be thought about with care. As we move into this last quarter, work is piling up again everywhere for this end-of-year work sprint.

But it’s good to keep in mind that our careers are marathons, not sprints. They need to be reflected on with care and conscious planning, watered and fertilized like budding seeds or strengthened with the right support systems.

Creativity above all needs room to breathe and expand. Only then do we see if rules and guidance systems are working for or against us. A certain degree of rebellion is healthy in order to create the creative career that suits you and only you.

Stay curious!
Désirée Bambynek