7 Tips toward a new job

We have experience in the field of finding new jobs or even switching, so we decided that the topic is not widely discussed and it is a great topic to share some experiences about. Here are 7 tips we think are helpful to keep in mind when looking for a new job.

1. What are your values.

Set what are the work ethics you would love to follow. Find companies and firms that have similar values.

2. You don’t need a perfect portfolio.

Often creatives procrastinate applying for a job cause they “need to make a portfolio”. You don´t need a perfect one you need just a portfolio that shows what you can do.

3. Maybe your dream job is not your dream job.

Creatives tend to idealize certain companies as the “dream place to work at” and sometimes they get disappointed. Therefore apply at as many possible places and judge after you have had an interview. Hidden gems can be found where least expected

4. What and how will you solve problems?

When you are presenting yourself just break down what you have done so far, what were the challenges, and how you have overcome them. Be honest and as precise as possible. Elon Musk in an Interview said that these questions are what matters to him when hiring people.

5. Be honest about your weak points.

A good marketing strategy is to expose one small downside of the product and all the positives. Don’t sell only positive sides of yourself but put there what is your weakness that you are willing to improve.

6. Ask for what you are worth.

Don’t sell yourself less for what you think you are worth. Research the market and place honestly yourself within the range. If someone is telling you you are too expensive they are not the right employer for you.

7. Be an insider.

Don’t get impressed by flashy websites and skilled HR people.

Try to find insider information about the company you are applying at. A good way is to find the page of the company on LinkedIn and check which people are working there. Try to contact them nicely and ask them how do they feel working at this organization.

What are your tips? Tell us in the comments below, we’re curious to hear.

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